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Sneha BhattacharjeeSneha Bhattacharjee,Independent Research Scholar, Department of English,St. Xavierís University
on 01/11/2022


Telugu (Tollywood) film Industry, is one of the most popular Regional film industries known for the actors like Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh, NTR, Nagarjuna, and now Prabhas because of Bahubali and Saaho. It is a man who leads in the films for many years, Hero will fight with the villain, and he is going to save his heroine and he kills the villain at the end. It is the hero, the male protagonist becomes the centre of attraction for the audience and this had been going for many years. But what about the Heroines? Her role was limited as a glam-doll or as a victim where she will be kidnapped by the villain or she will be killed. In short, her role has been limited for many years. She was neglected, and she was meant for filling the gaps in a movie. Telugu Industry was not giving any agency to a female character and their roles were made limited for many years as glamorous, weak that depend on the hero who will save her at the end of the film with a happy union of both. But what happens when these actresses bring change in their roles? What happens if they equally perform with the male actors as a main protagonist in the film with or without male lead? .This paper is going to explore about the changes in the portrayal of the female characters about how female actors breaking the stereotype of The Telugu film Industry as an equal performer with the male lead and bringing a change in a particular movie through their role, their dialogues; they create an important space for themselves within the masculine realm. This paper will also explore their development and their changes in their roles, and how they are trying to change and develop their potential as an actor in a movie, and how they are bringing a change among the audience as well and they are trying to bring a change by not doing the stereotypical roles in a movie.

Keywords : Cinema, Roles, Woman, Tollywood

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