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Rosona KhatunRosona Khatun,State Aided College Teacher, Coordinator, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication,Netaji Satabarshiki Mahavidyalaya
Dr Maumita ChaudhuriDr Maumita Chaudhuri,Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Coordinator, Department of BBA and In-Charge, Department of Urdu,Barrackpore RastraguruSurendranath College, Barrackpore
on 01/11/2022


Media plays a significant role in the advancement of a society. Media has delivered knowledge and news related to basic events necessary to articulate the prerogatives of people. Radio, Television, print media, and new media are the important procedures of mass media through which messages to masses are presented. Electronic media is an influential instrument in conveying encouraging transformations in society. The influence to an enormous diversified audience enhances the power of this medium to shape extensively united formations of truth. Television channels reconnoitre the evolving environmental issues facing the planet. Environment is the sum total of water, air and land, interrelatedness among themselves and also with the individual, other existing bodies and nature. Hence, a variation in any of the elements may affect the entire environment. Environment related issues are surrounded by the major problems of our times, both in terms of emergency and importance to individual welfare. The main objectives were (1) To analyse the development in coverage of environment subjects in India, (2) To analyse the trends of environment related reporting in the television channels, (3) To analyse the time slot provided to the identified categories of environment. Collected data were analysed in terms of regularity, percentage and mean score of statements. Findings indicate that the majority of the respondents expressed the come to an agreement with these environmental reporting focused on television channels. Now the media play a vital role in the intensive viewpoint of environment issues in society. The analysis of specified environment types reveals that while wildlife remains to be the largest covered category throughout, coverage of climate change and disaster mostly remained event based. Where other issues like heritage places, pollution, forests, energy and agriculture received lesser coverage in the television channels.

Keywords : Media, Television channel, Environment, Pollution

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