ISSN (Online): 2583-0090

Prelude to a Riot: A Novel by Annie Zaidi

Authored by
WASIM AKRAMWASIM AKRAM,Junior Research Fellow,University of North Bengal
on 30/06/2022


The novel, Prelude to a Riot by Annie Zaidi is a perfect reflection of today's India where tension between communities is brewing because of the growing divisive politics. The author through her unique style of narration brings to the fore various issues that has shaken the social fabric of contemporary India causing an atmosphere of fear and amongst different sections of people including minorities, the migrant workers, the tribals and the women. Set in an unnamed south Indian town, the novel revolves around two families of wealthy state owners; one Muslim and another Hindu, and shows that how because of the growing divisive politics things have turned scarily problematic for the Muslim family. The author by allowing each character a space to speak their mind in the form of soliloquies brings to the fore the varied forms of nuances and problems existing in today's India and hints at an impending violence.

Keywords : Divisive Politics, Violence, Riot, India

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